Kamil Pasa Mansion at Bridge stop #6 in Mithatpasa Street was reserved for the Higher Islamic Institute of Izmir on November 21, 1966 by philanthropist Haci Ahmet Tatari.

A room in the basement was also reserved as a library in early February 1967. The Institute moved to the Arap Deresi neighborhood in the second half of the academic year of 1968-1969.

The first classroom in the end of the hall of the second floor in A Block was allocated as the library.  In October 1977, the Library was moved to the ground floor of A block’s adjoining building.  Finally, it was moved to its new three-story modern building in August 1994.


While the majority of the collection in the library is related to the Religion of Islam, there are also works in art, history, literature, economics, philosophy, sociology, psychology and so on. We have approximately 52,000 books in our collection.

Our library, which seeks to present information access to its users in the fastest and most accurate way, has also provided the opportunity to access the resources through internet in order to make the research of the users more efficient by systematically transferring the citation information of all the publications in the collection to the computer environment within the rules of librarianship.

We have 389 manuscripts in our library collection.


There are 11 subscriptions to printed outsourced magazines,  and 24 Turkish magazines (donations and purchases) in our library.
Our library is open at lunch breaks, closed on weekends and official holidays.


The Library’s Physical Area: Total 1090 m2,  three-story modern library building. In the upstair,  88-seat reader lounge with reference books; Middle-level bureaus and the dedicated field for the sources of Core Islamic Sciences; The ground floor has elevator and staircases, periodical publications, and a lounge for the departments other than the Core Islamic Sciences.


     Weekdays: 08:00 – 21:00
     Saturday: 09:00 – 14:00

     Holiday Season;
     Weekday:     08:00 – 12:00/
13:00 – 17:00